Plague Alert: Camping Cancelled for Los Angeles Area Families

It’s summer and a perfect time to go camping with the kids. But for some families in the Los Angeles area, their camping plans were abruptly cancelled when there were fears that the plague could be lurking in the critters that reside there. Yes, the plague, as in the ┬ábubonic plague, the one that killed approximately 25 million eons ago.

This week the Angeles National Forest found, during a routine check, a squirrel that had been infected with illness knows as the “black death.” As the BBC reports, it can be passed on to humans by fleas. After finding the sick animal, the popular park closed all their camping grounds until they could do more testing of other squirrels in the area. The good news, if one does catch the plague these days, it can be treated with antibiotics. But it’s still a rare thing, there have only been four cases of plague in humans in the LA area since 1984.

I am not a camper, and stories like this make the idea of getting down and dirty in nature even more nervous. Bugs, outhouses, and the black death? No, thank you.

Do you camp? And if so, what is your biggest worry?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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