Planned Parenthood Affiliate Offers '40 Days of Prayer' in Response to '40 Days of Life'

40 Days of Prayer
The prayers include people on both sides of the abortion debate

As it turns out, the anti-abortion movement doesn’t have a monopoly on prayer.

A Planned Parenthood affiliate in Eureka, Calif., is in the midst of a “40 Days of Prayer” campaign, which is aimed at supporting pregnant women, abortion clinic escorts, and abortion providers, according to Fox News. The Day 1 prayer says, “Today we pray for women for whom pregnancy is not good news, that they know they have choices.”

Needless to say, anti-abortion advocates, some of whom are active in the annual “40 Days for Life” campaign, which is an initiative praying for the end to abortion, aren’t too happy about it.

An Orlando-based anti-abortion litigation group, Liberty Counsel, says “40 Days of Prayer” is “an attempt to mock and marginalize the highly effective ’40 Days for Life,’ which has unified half a million voices for the cause and saved at least 5,838 lives. As a direct result of this prayer event, 22 abortion clinics have closed and 69 doctors have stopped performing abortions.”

The prayers being used by the Six Rivers Planned Parenthood chapter were composed by Faith Aloud, which is a St. Louis-based religious organization, Fox News reports. However, they were not written for Planned Parenthood, according to the organization’s executive director, and they were not meant to mock “40 Days of Life” or anything else. Instead, the Faith Aloud organization said they are meant to be taken seriously, just like women who are in need of abortions.

According to, the “40 Days of Prayer” initiative “is based on the belief that ‘abortion is a very private decision that women do often make. One-third of all American women do make this decision at some point in their lives, and we want them to know that God loves them in every situation, and whether they choose abortion or choose to have a child, whatever their decision, that God’s love is always present for them.'”

The prayers encourage women who had abortions not to feel shame. They advocate for women in situations of abuse. They encourage the end of violence towards abortion providers. They applaud women who have the strength to follow through with what they feel is right and just, despite what some religions might have preached to them. They appeal for quality health care and access for women at all income levels. They are, essentially, pro-women prayers: They pray for all women, not just those who are pro-choice.

The Six Rivers Planned Parenthood prayer initiative started in March and goes through April 27. Here are the “40 Days of Prayer” in full:

40 Days of Prayer
The first 30 days of prayer
40 Days of Prayer
The final 10 days of prayer

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