Play Pills vs. Candy: It Can Be a Lifesaver

I’m one of those paranoid moms. I keep every bottle of medicine far out of reach of my 6-year-old daughter. And for good reason – not because it could make her very ill if she took any of them but she could very well get confused and think that they are candy.

It’s easy to do. Take Tic-Tacs. My daughter actually calls them medicine (she has tried to convince me on more than one occasion that there is some sort of medicinal quality to them). The Tic-Tac totally looks like it could double as a drug or at least be used as a placebo in some drug research project.  The fact that medicines and drugs can look so much like a sweet isn’t just one of my fears; it’s apparently a common one. So common that California Poison Control came up with a nifty game called “Pills Vs Candy – Name Your Poison”…

In the game – which we were turned on to by Circle of Moms –  you are shown two different images: one a drug, the other a candy. You click on which one you think is which and at the end, you are given your results. My first try at level 1? I got 80 percent correct. Not too bad. But I’ve been around. What kind of score would a kid have, a child who could probably not differentiate between the two but who is so in love with the concept of candy that they could just think each and every one of them is a sweet?

Try it for yourself and see how you and your kids do. But no matter the score, being mindful of the physical similarities of the two is worth the visit. You can check our Pills vs. Candy right here.

Image: Via Pills vs. Candy


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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