Playdate Apps for Moms Make Planning Easier

It’s hard enough wrapping my head around my own kids’ schedules. Scheduling playdates with their pals can be even more maddening. So why not skip the lengthy e-mail exchange and make plans with these playdate apps instead?

Of course, I just wrote about why I’m trying not to be so glued to my smartphone, but handy apps like these give me good reason to stay plugged in. Hey, if it will make coordinating playdates easier, I’m all for it!

Check out these Playdate Apps:

  • Yellowbrck 1 of 5
    It's like FourSquare, but just for parents! Yellowbrck lets you check in at a location (say Chuck E. Cheese?) and then see if any of your mom pals are in the vicinity. You can also earn discounts and rewards from local and online retailers. Apparently, it pays to play!
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  • RedRover 2 of 5
    On the phone and on the web, RedRover helps you make plans, lets friends know where you are, and makes it easy to share photos and updates about what you're doing. RedRover features content from Time Out Kids, so you can find out about fun stuff going on in your town and then check into kid-friendly events.
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  • Instant Playdates 3 of 5
    Classy Mommyblogger Colleen Padilla created Instant Playdates, which connects to your Facebook friends and lets you keep track of your kid's busy playdate schedule. It makes it easy to create an event (impromptu picnic!) and invite friends.
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  • CmomGo 4 of 5
    Like Google +, Cmom Go, a web site and app created by three dads, lets you create different "circles" so you can keep your friends separate from your family or co-workers.
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  • Mom Maps 5 of 5
    It's not a playdate app per se, but Mom Maps can help you find kid-friendly locations to meet up--and then directs you there! No more getting lost on the way to the playground!
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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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