Point/Counterpoint: Reasons My Daughter Is Psyched (Photos)

The Tumblr Reasons My Son Is Crying became the latest Internet sensation this week. The blog was featured on Good Morning America and its main subject was photographed by Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York (a high honor!). The site’s popularity makes perfect sense to me; when you’ve got a cryer on your hands the only thing that will get you through it is laughing about it. I can relate – my daughter has always been a cryer. But the great thing about kids who like to cry is that they have big emotional lives, and so I catch my daughter laughing, feeling joyful, being delighted, sweet and contemplative as much as she is whiny or teary.

Ever since my daughter was born, she’s had this amazing, crazy psyched face that she likes to do, and it’s one of my favorite things about life. So I thought I’d put together a slideshow that proves for every crying kid out there, there’s hope. Sure, you may be crying right now because Buzz Lightyear’s knee is bent, but you can also get out-of-your-mind psyched just because the sun is out. That said, here are 15 Reasons My Daughter is Psyched:

  • image-3486 1 of 16
  • Because FOUNTAIN! 2 of 16
    Because FOUNTAIN!
    I'm peeing my pants with excitement but no one will be able to tell because FOUNTAIN!
  • Because there’s a garbage can on my head! 3 of 16
    Because there's a garbage can on my head!
    OMG I'm a hot mesh!
  • Because IT’S WINDY! 4 of 16
    Because IT'S WINDY!
  • Because this bed is SO AMAZING AND PINK! 5 of 16
    Because this bed is SO AMAZING AND PINK!
    How can I sleep when I'm so excited!
  • Because MY MOM! 6 of 16
    Because MY MOM!
  • Because this ice cream is so delicious… 7 of 16
    Because this ice cream is so delicious...'s making me say what?!
  • Because TUTU! 8 of 16
    Because TUTU!
  • Because CONEY ISLAND!!!!! 9 of 16
    Because CONEY ISLAND!!!!!
  • Because that sign says POKE 10 of 16
    Because that sign says POKE
    Heh heh. I'm poking a sign that says poke!
  • Because IT’S MORNING 11 of 16
    Because IT'S MORNING
    I'm feeling all this sunshine in my soul and using it to energize my bed head.
  • Because Key Lime Pie! 12 of 16
    Because Key Lime Pie!
    Freshly made! OMG!
  • Because I’M IN A SPIRAL! 13 of 16
    Because I'M IN A SPIRAL!
  • Because I just told a joke. 14 of 16
    Because I just told a joke.
    And it was hilarious.
  • Because FUR COLLAR 15 of 16
    Because FUR COLLAR
    My hood blends into my hair I'm a lion OMGGGGGG
  • Because HULK SMASH! 16 of 16
    Because HULK SMASH!
    My fierceness is beyond.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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