Polish Woman Endures Longest Labor Ever

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75 days with your feet above your head brings a whole new meaning to nesting.

When I delivered my son, it was after a mere 4 hours of labor. He was my last baby so I had earned it, I think. Labor with my middle daughter was almost 8 hours which was still respectable because the heavy labor didn’t kick in until the very end. My first daughter, however, was a whole other story. I was in labor for 18 hours and at times, I honestly thought it would never, ever end. Still, I have nothing on a Polish woman who some say, may have endured the longest labor ever.

Pregnant with triplets, Joanna Krzysztonek, of Wroclaw, Poland delivered one of her babies prematurely during her fifth month of pregnancy. Unfortunately, the baby did not survive. Fearful of losing the remaining two babies, doctors recommended that she stay in bed with her feet elevated above her head as long as possible so the two remaining babies could develop enough to live.

So she did just that, and ended up there for 75 days. The Huffington Post reports that Krzysztonek said she would do anything to give her babies a chance at life:

“I sighed with relief that there was a chance to keep the pregnancy and to give the babies a chance to be born successfully,” she told Reuters.

Doctors say they “consider Krzysztonek to have been in labor since the birth of the first baby”. Reuters reports this may be technically be the longest labor on record. While certainly not the hard labor for all of that time, the fact that she was able to stay in bed with her feet above her head for 75 days, I find astounding.

The babies are currently expected to be leaving the hospital soon.

Did you think your labor was long? How long was it? What is the longest labor you’ve ever heard of?

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