Will British Baby Names Rule?

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British Invasion of Baby Names

Yesterday, I wrote about the Top Ten Retro Baby Names for Boys. Some of the names on the list — such as Harry — are already popular in Britain.

Given that Americans tend to want to give their kids upper crust-sounding names, it’s a safe bet that names that are popular in Britain will soon catch on in the United States. So what are some popular British names? creator and author Pamela Redmond Satran came up with a list of British names based on supremely unscientific research — she simply looked in the birth announcements of The London Telegraph.

In addition to spotting the trend of names that start with “R” (Rufus, Rex, Rory, etc.), Redmond Satran also noted “there are always plenty of eccentric three-name combinations, lots of charming sibsets, and a collection of names not often heard in my neighborhood of New Jersey.”

Here are some examples:


1. Clementine Annabel Emily

2. Daphne Olga Amelie

3. Eliza Miranda Rosemary

4. Isabella Allegra Jessica

5. Jemima Alice India

6. Ella Persephone

7. Loveday Celestine Primrose

8. Henrietta Daphne Mabel

9. Hermine Halcyon Margaret Isabel

10. Matilda Daisy Margery


1. Ezra Martin

2. Rex Patrick Wood

3. Alasdair Lorne Leonardo

4. Wilfred Rocky Otto

5. Ignatius Mungo

6. Hugo Rupert William

7. Rory Sinclair Willasey

8. Augustus George Barden

9. Rufus Alexander

10. Albert Thomas Harry

Of course, some of these names — Isabella, Rory, and Ella, for instance — are already popular here. And others, such as Albert, Hugo, Daphne, and Matilda, seem destined to catch on stateside.

But Jemima will never be able to lose its Aunt Jemima image and names like Alasdair and Ignatius just sound too pretentious (and British?).

What do you think? Is this the beginning of the British invasion when it comes to baby names?

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