The Top 20 Most-Hated Baby Names

Baby name fads come and go — though some last longer than others (looking at you, Isabella!). Baby name popularity is easy to track, thanks to the Social Security Administration’s annual release of the top baby names in the U.S. And also thanks to baby name websites and enthusiasts like Laura Wattenberg, who never tire of blogging about names and who also come up with fancy online gadgets to help you name your baby.

While baby name data collection is fun, it also, apparently, has a dark side. Recently, Wattenberg applied her baby name research skills to uncover the most hated baby names of the year.

Oh, mothers of Madison, you aren’t going to like it!

Wattenberg is not talking the most bizarre or the most unrecommended, rather, the names that people have suddenly turned on. Wattenberg searched the web for conversations and comments about baby names people can’t stand. She came across 1,500 name mentions, divided them by gender and then ranked them in order of most reviled.

Over on her blog, she lists the most common reason people didn’t like some of the names.

View this list with caution, because there are some really popular names in here.

Top 10 Most-Hated Girl Names

1. Navaeh

2. (tie) Destiny

2. (tie) Madison

4. Mackenzie

5. McKenna

6. (tie) Addison

6. (tie) Gertrude

6. (tie) Kaitlyn

6. (tie) Makayla

10. (tie) Bertha

10. (tie) Hope

Top 10 Most-Hated Boy Names

1. Jayden

2. Brayden

4. (tie) Aiden

4. (tie) Kaden

5. Hunter

6. Hayden

7. (tie) Bentley

7. (tie) Tristan

9. Michael

10. Jackson

Take heed, Royals!

Here’s a list of names that won’t make a comeback. And a list of the top unisex baby names.

How do your baby-naming skills stack up? Parents of Jaydens and Madisons, what do you say to the critics?


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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