Pregnant 12-year-old Was Living with Boyfriend

pregnantgirlNote to parents: when your twelve-year-old says “can my boyfriend move in?” the answer is ALWAYS no.

Except, apparently, when you’re this mom: a twelve-year-old said to be one of the youngest ever pregnant girls in Australian history had her fifteen-year-old boyfriend sharing her bed.

And her mom was OK with it.

At least one adult head prevailed here – her dad reported the mom’s permissive behavior to authorities when it happened, only to be told that nothing could be done. Both of the kids were under age (she was eleven when he moved in), so there was nothing illegal about their living arrangements. In interviews with the girl, the authorities said she did not report any sexual abuse.

Um, and they realize she’s twelve, right? Because it likely wasn’t sexual abuse. A twelve-year-old and a fifteen-year-old thought they were very much in love and everything was ostensibly consensual.

The wrinkly here? They’re both children, and regardless of her sense of right and wrong – or the boy’s for that matter – they were limited by a child-like thought process. The age difference is troubling too, because in childhood, the differences in maturity are magnified by age differences. They won’t begin to even out until the latter teen years.

The girl’s mom is now in mental health custody, and she’s been put in her father’s care.

I’ve heard parents say they’d prefer their kids knew they were OK with sex, that they’d prefer it happen in their home, because it encourages kids to be more proactive with birth control. No sneaking around means more precautions, right? I’d agree – if your kids are sixteen, seventeen. But eleven?

When is it just too young to let your kids spend intimate moments with the opposite sex?


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