Pregnant MMA FIghter Cindy Dandois WANTED to Fight Gina Carano. Is it Wrong?

Most jobs you can continue performing while pregnant. Bank teller, movie star, neurosurgeon, but some careers just aren’t conducive to being knocked up, like Mixed Martial Artists fighting. But being ‘with child’ evidently didn’t  slow down MMA fighter Cindy Dandois from wanting to hit the ring with MMA star Gina Carano.

Dandois was set to fight Carano on June 18th but was forced to pull out of the fight due to being three and a half months pregnant. But get this, Dandois – even though she was knocked up – still wanted to get into the ring!

She “actually wanted to take the fight,” Strikeforce event, CEO Scott Coker told MMA Fighting, adding that since she, ” ended up being three and a half months pregnant… she will not be fighting on June 18.” Yeah, a good move, especially since at that time Dandois would be 5 and a half months pregnant.

Dandois put a a message up on her Facebook page about being pulled from the fight saying:

“I am so sad I can’ttake the fight against Gina. It was and still is one of my biggest goals. But on the other hand, it is a blessing from God to get a child an [sic] become a mother again. A child is forever and you must care about a life that is given by the hand of God. I hope I can do the fight after my pregnancy.”

MMA Fighting is pretty hardcore and a couple of swift hits to Dandois belly could have had consequences, so it’s the right move to have her pulled. Dandois was in a fight last month when she was two months pregnant, but there is no word if she knew if she was pregnant or not or just kept it secret.

Do you think it is irresponsible that Dandois actually wanted to go through with the fight?

Image: Promo shot from Fighter

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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