Pregnant Mother Wants Her Baby to Be Adopted by Same-Sex Couple (Video)

Have you been watching “I’m Having Their Baby” on the Oxygen channel? It’s an interesting, sometimes heart-wrenching, look into the world of adoption. Each hour-long episode follows the lives of two women, documentary style, revealing how they come to the difficult decision to place their child up for adoption.

Recently, in a particularly touching episode, pregnant mother of two Amanda realizes that she will not be able to support a third child. She decides to give her baby up for adoption, but has a very specific idea for what she is looking for in the potential parents of her baby. Amanda wants to give her child to a same-sex couple.

In her pursuit to find the perfect family for her unborn child, Amanda meets John and Doug, two men who desperately want a baby of their own. Perfection.

Watch a clip here:

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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