Pregnant Woman Pushes Husband Out of the Window To His Death. Can Hormones Be Blamed?

Amber and Joshua in Happier Times

There have been plenty of jokes about the hormonal nature of a pregnant woman and the sometimes crazy things they do. But this case of Amber Hilberling, it is no laughing matter.

The 19-year-old newlywed  – who is currently 7-months pregnant  – pushed her husband out of the window of their 17th floor apartment.  Her husband Joshua Hulberling age 23 was killed. While creating life in her belly, she ended a life in her home.

What happened? According to reports, Joshua had supposedly packed his bags and told his wife Amber he was leaving her. She was upset, lunged at him, and pushed him out of the window. When the police arrived she admitted that she did indeed push him. Witnesses said she seemed to have no remorse and was actually smiling as she was taken away. At first they arrested her for second-degree murder but after more investigated, they changed it to a first-degree charge.

This was reportedly not their first issue with domestic violence. Joshua had filed a protective order against his wife previously but it was never finalized. But even with a past history, could hormones be blamed?

Pregnancy can lead to symptoms of depression and anxiety, two powerful emotional states that could lead a woman to do some pretty crazy stuff. Her defense attorneys will surely use, or explore using, a plea of insanity since it could be argues she was not in a right state of mind. There is s history of this in cases of infanticide for eons, “In many courts, infanticidal mothers might successfully plead insanity. Eighteenth-century courts greatly extended the scope of the insanity plea by citing, as reason for dismissal of infanticide cases, the belief that pregnancy itself may make women deranged.”

Do you think pregnancy hormones can be powerful enough to lead a woman to kill?
Article Posted 5 years Ago

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