Prince William and Kate Middleton: Will the Ghost of Princess Diana Haunt Kates Future Parenting?

Will the Ghost of Princess Diana Haunt the Nursery?

Mother-in-laws can be a meddlesome bunch, especially when it comes to issues around their daughter-in-laws raising and rearing their precious grandchild. But how about if the mother-in-law in question happens to be dead? Is there any less pressure to live up to their brand of parenting? In the case of Kate Middleton, the ghost of Princess Diana will no doubt haunt how she raises her own children, big time.

Prince William was very close with mother, the late Princess Diana. Although history has shown that she was just as flawed as anyone else, he seems to maintain a loving and living idolization of her. And why not? It’s his mum. To pay tribute to her he even bestowed his mother’s engagement ring on his bride to be a constant reminder to them both of her memory.

One’s own childhood memories play a big part in parenting. They take the good, leave the bad, but for many these memories are the most real, most valid, and often most important source of parenting techniques. But with the eyes of Prince William, the royal family and the very critical public all focused on her every move, will Kate Middleton be able to be her own kind of mother?

Being able to find your own parenting style is something most of us are able to do in private. But with Kate Middleton, her every mommy move will be analyzed and compared to that of the late Princess Diana.  Kate will be called out if she parenting too much like Princess Diana or not enough like Princess Diana. Her ghost will be ever present in the nursery; let’s just hope that Kate stays strong and confident and will be able to carve out her own style of mom-dom. Let Princess Diana come to visit every now and then but be your own brand of mom.

Did you feel pressure from your own mother-in-law in how you raise your kids?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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