5 Reasons Why Prince William and Kate Middleton Will Make Great Parents

kate middleton pregnant
These two royal lovebirds will make the best mom and dad.

At 11 o’clock last night I sat down at the end of a long day and happened to flip the television to TLC. They were just about to show a repeat of the Royal Wedding, so I decided to watch. I haven’t really been swept up in the fervor surrounding William and Kate’s nuptials, but I am a sucker for human interest stories that I know will make me cry. Besides, William and Harry are both so damn adorable, and Kate is, as my mother said this morning, as pretty as a princess. (I wonder if we’d all like her as much if she looked more like Sarah Ferguson…)

I enjoyed the pomp and circumstance of the ceremony very much, and couldn’t help but fall in love with William and Kate as a couple. William told the press this week that the new Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge are keen to start a family, and after watching their wedding, I have no doubt they’ll make excellent parents. Here’s why:

1.) William and Kate love each other madly. Their tight bond and deep sense of mutual respect was evident throughout the festivities yesterday, from William’s whispered, “You look beautiful” when Kate arrived at the altar to their shared astonishment at the sight of the adoring crowds as they travelled by carriage to and then eventually emerged from Buckingham Palace. “Are you happy?,” Kate asked her husband as they hopped in their horse-drawn buggy. “It’s mad!,” he said later as they paraded through the hoards of well-wishers. Having children can destroy relationships that aren’t built on a strong foundation, but Wills and Kate seem to be – to quote the great Ashford & Simpson – solid as a rock.

2.) Princess Diana raised her boys right. It’s super evident that William and Harry were both well-loved as children. Not only do they favor their beautiful and beloved mother, they have followed in her philanthropic footsteps, doing charity work and fighting poverty all over the world. William is said to love children, something that has been no doubt fueled by his visits with needy youngsters at home and abroad. I’m sure kind-hearted and gentle William will be a loving father to his own children, not only because of the warmth that helping others has fostered in him, but because (as anyone who has lost a parent knows) he probably feels a deep desire to carry on the legacy of his mother’s love, as well.

3.) Kate comes from an intact and loving nuclear family. As we all know, our parents’ relationships and parenting styles so often trickle down to be repeated by the next generation. Not only do we sometimes end up making the same mistakes our parents did, we can also repeat their success. Kate’s parents have been married for 30 years and run a booming business together.  They have three children themselves, and by all accounts seem to be a happy, supportive family.  Commentators have suggested that William was drawn to Kate thanks to the Middleton family’s normal, middle class lifestyle.

4.) Kate and William are equals. Unlike William’s parents, Charles and Diana, William and Kate are on equal footing in their relationship.  Rumor has it Diana called Charles “sir” until after they were wed, and we all know Charles’ heart actually belonged to someone else.  Perhaps because of the inequity in their relationship and his affair, Charles was less involved in his sons’ lives than their mother was.  William is sure not to replicate that parenting style with his own children.  Not only have he and Kate been dating for eight long years, they’ve lived together as well, so they’re already accustomed to dealing with the petty domestic issues that might come up when they become sleep-deprived parents.

5.) The royal couple will have lots of help raising their children. Let’s face it – William and Kate are the future King and Queen of England.  Even though they are known to eschew the idea of being waited on hand and foot by a staff of butlers, maids and chefs, they will most certainly have a nurse or nanny (or two) around the palace to help with night feedings and such.  Who could blame them?  We should all be so lucky!  Not only will these parents-to-be have plenty of professional childcare available to them, their children will be fortunate enough to have four doting grandparents, lots of aunts and uncles and one very special great-grandmother to shower them with love.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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