Merida’s Royal Coronation: Disney Princesses Show Their Support

With the entire Disney Princess Royal Court and other dignitaries in attendance, Princess Merida’s Coronation took place on Saturday, May 11, 2013, at the Magic Kingdom in the Walt Disney World Resort.

Merida’s entrance was true to her character. She rode in on her black steed, Angus, and, approaching both determined and confident, made haste to the ceremonial stage.

Olympian Gabrielle Douglas and her mom welcomed all attending and each of the Disney Royal Princesses was introduced.

Merida’s mother, Queen Elinor, did the honors saying to her daughter, “I see the best of our past and the best of our future. I am proud of all that you are and all I know you will become, I am proud of you, my daughter.” And with that, Queen Elinor placed the crown on Merida’s head. Merida responded,”I am strong, I am brave, I am Merida, I am a princess.” She then took her rightful place among the other members of the Disney Princess Royal Court.

You are cordially invited to view the photographs from the celebration (and all the princesses in attendance!) in the gallery below.


  • The Disney Princess Royal Court 1 of 15
    Disney Princesses
  • Princess Snow White 2 of 15
    Snow White Merida's Coronation

    Compassionate to all.

  • Princess Cinderella 3 of 15
    Cinderella Merida's Coronation

    Kind and gracious.

  • Princess Aurora 4 of 15
    Aurora Merida´s Coronation

    Graceful and poised.

  • Princess Ariel 5 of 15
    Ariel Merida's Coronation

    Spirited as the sea.

  • Princess Belle 6 of 15
    Belle Merida's Coronation

    Smart and inspirational.

  • Princess Jasmine 7 of 15
    Jasmine Merida's Coronation

    Glorious and courageous.

  • Princess Pocahontas 8 of 15
    Pocahontas Merida's Coronation

    Seeking adventure.

  • Princess Mulan 9 of 15
    Mulan Merida's Coronation

    Honorable and heroic.

  • Princess Tiana 10 of 15
    Tiana Merida's Coronation

    Confident and ambitious.

  • Princess Rapunzel 11 of 15
    Rapunzel Merida's Coronation

    Independent and passionate.

  • Princess Merida 12 of 15
    Princess Merida

    Brave and strong. From the royal proclamation:

    "Today we celebrate the princess who has shown us all what it is to be truly brave. Hear ye hear ye, across the helms and beyond, this day we rejoice... we officially welcome her to the Disney Princess Royal Court."

  • Eleven Disney Princesses 13 of 15
    Disney Princesses

    Having all the Disney Princesses in attendance, now including Merida with her bow, made for a rare photo opportunity.

  • Queen Elinor and Merida 14 of 15
    Princess Merida and Queen Elinor

    Queen Elinor proudly places Merida's tiara on her head.

  • Little Meridas 15 of 15

    Just some of the other princesses showing their support!

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