Protecting Innocence or Hands Off My Playboy Lunchbox?

heelarious-cropA British study reveals it’s probably too difficult to start regulating products thought to sexualize children, and besides, kids don’t want to be “protected” from these products anyway.

The “study” — and I put it in quotes because it doesn’t sound scientific — apparently involved walking along a popular shopping district to inspect the wares and then talking with kids and parents. 

The results say that not many products are actually aimed at children.


“This is not to suggest that imagery in consumer culture is not widespread or that children do not consume products surrounded by such imagery, ” the report said. “What it does indicate is that relatively few sexualised products are specifically aimed at children.”


I have to wonder if these researchers ever tried to dress their young girls for Halloween. Or tried to find the perfect set of heels for their newborns.

The report also gives voice to the kids, who feel like they’re old enough to make up their own minds about what is appropriate.

“They strongly rejected the idea that regulation was necessary in order to protect them and argued that they should have the right to make their own decisions and mistakes.”

I’m not sure if regulation is the key to ending the sexualization of young children — and I reject the study’s findings that it’s not happening. Just go to Gap and you’ll find regular jeans for boys and skinny jeans for girls. Then there’s the Playboy lunchboxes I frequently see in stores. Who are those for if not children? What I’d really like to see is parents not buying or allowing their kids to buy crap that is clearly meant for older audiences. That would make a lot of this just go away.

(Hat tip to Jezebel for the story.)

— Mike @ Cry It Out!

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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