PTA Sets its Sights on Working Parents

parent-meetingStay-at-home-moms and stay-at-home-dads, you’re just not cutting it anymore. The parent teacher associations and organizations of the world have ever thinning ranks these days, so they’re going rogue.

They’re dropping their commitment requirements to draw more working parents into the fold. Can’t sign up for monthly meetings plus, plus, plus? They’ll move them to Saturday or meet at your house. According to The Juggle, they’re even getting rid of the petty fights over which chocolate bar to sell at the fundraiser in favor of actual business.

Considering more than half of mothers work out of the home – and even more fathers – isn’t it about time? Working parents get a lot flack for not helping out enough at their kids’ schools, but if the meetings are always set for 3:30 and you spend two hours blathering about the color ribbons to put on the principal’s birthday gift, can you blame them for not showing up?

Parent/teacher groups can – and often do – do a lot of good in schools. But the stuff of a Weeds episode isn’t made up for comedic affect. I’ve seen it in action – or shall we say inaction? Who wants to give up the Wednesday evening you could spend cuddling on the couch for anything less than business-like efficiency that will get you back to your kid that much faster?

But if you’re willing to meet me halfway, I’m on board. Who’s with me?

Image: frereike via flickr

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