My Take on Breastfeeding: Just Do It, But Discreetly [VIDEO]

Why is it too hard to throw a towel over your boob?

Editors Note: Because we feel this post might be shaming or hurtful to breastfeeding mothers, it has been modified from its original version. Like each of the opinions expressed by Babble’s many bloggers, no single one represents the brand as a whole. Read here for another Strollerderby blogger’s opinion on breastfeeding.

With a month-old baby at home, I’m currently in the throes of breastfeeding. And while I never successfully breastfed my older daughter, this time all is going swimmingly.

I credit my breastfeeding success to my Little Engine that Could-like attitude, the excellent lactation consultants at the local hospital, and some really handy tools, like My Brest Friend (it really is) and the super handy dandy Bebe Au Lait.

The Bebe Au Lait probably deserves the most credit. I carry it with me everywhere so I can ensure that my little peanut can be fed on demand. I even fed her the other night in the middle of a Rosh Hashannah dinner. At first no one realized what I was doing, and then when my daughter’s grunts and gurgles became obvious, everyone pretended like nothing was happening. As it should be. After all, we were all just eating dinner, right?

I keep reading from breastfeeding lactivists about the scorn they face for breastfeeding in public (check out one woman’s seriously angry breastfeeding-in-public rant after the jump). And here’s what I wonder: You must not be covering up if you’re getting a rise out of people for feeding your kid in public, right?

Because I’ve been breastfeeding everywhere for a month and I’ve never gotten so much as a double take. Even though apparently the law would protect me if I did just do it topless, I have no interest in becoming a side show. That’s not why I’m doing it.

I’m all for breastfeeding where and when the need arises, but even I don’t want to see people’s boobs. (Unless you’re Teri Hatcher and they’re real and spectacular.)

I actually agree with the naysayers that it’s inappropriate to whip out your boob anywhere you want. Particularly since inexpensive cover-ups (or even towels and scarves) are readily available. I don’t feel as if my right to feed my baby is being violated if I do it in public but without a nip slip. Try nursing with discretion and see how easy it is to feed your baby (which is the point, right?) while not upsetting others at the same time. What do you gain by going topless for the world to see? The point is just to let your baby nurse, right?

People will stop griping about not wanting to see your boobs if you no longer give them something to gripe about. You and your kid might love them, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else should be subjected to them.

If you give the complainers nothing to look at, you’ll also give them nothing to complain about. And then we all win.

Should you cover up while  breastfeeding in public? Why or why not?


This woman really wants you to have to look at her boobs, apparently:



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