Public School vs. Homeschool: a Teacher’s Perspective

homeschooler_with_projectJohn Evans was a public schoolteacher in Texas. When his son Clint began failing academically, Evans tried many tactics to help him succeed. Finally, he pulled the kid out of school and taught him at home.

Clint’s a grown-up now, doing fine on his own. John has written a book, Clint’s Story, using their experience as a homeschooling family to make the case for homeschooling as superior to public schooling. With his background as a teacher, he has plenty of anecdotes to back up his case, and he’s done a fair amount of research too.

Taking a DIY approach to publishing as he did to education, John has published Clint’s Story himself. Perhaps because of that, the prose is cut from fairly rough cloth and peppered with cliches. There’s good stuff here for those considering homeschooling, though: a straightforward account of one family’s success with it, and some compelling arguments to try it if the public schools are failing your child.

I had planned to homeschool my kids, so I jumped on the chance to review this book. John is a Christian minister. His approach is very grounded in his faith, which I don’t share. He’s not selling God in this book, though, just an out-of-the-classroom learning experience. I can totally get behind that.

At the moment, my kindergartner is thriving in school, after demanding to go. Homeschooling is on the back burner for us, a parachute we’ll deploy if things sour in the later grades. If you’re still thinking about it, this book is a quick read with some good material, but a perspective that is pretty far from the urban hipster one shared by many of this blog’s readers.

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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