Publicity Stunt? Yes. But ‘The Talk’ Ladies’ No Make-Up Premiere Still Sends a Great Message (VIDEO)

Do you find it instinctual to think the women look a little blah? Or are they beautiful because they’re natural?

Not a spot of make-up to be found.

Sara Gilbert, Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood and Aisha Tyler, the hosts of CBS’ The Talk, returned to TV yesterday without make-up.

As reported on the Huffington Post, the ladies of The Talk hit the airwaves for their season premiere without make-up. And this wasn’t one of those no make-up-but-they’re-still-wearing-foundation-and-powder kinda thing.

There ain’t a fake eyelash or a dot of concealer to be seen. And it is awesome. Guests of the show, including actress Jamie Lee Curtis (who I love in spite of all those yogurt commercials) also went sans make-up and called the idea “beautiful” and “revolutionary.”

I love this kind of thing for exactly the message the hosts intended. Without the make-up they’re pretty much just like us “regular moms.” We get so used to seeing the perfectly made up television personalities that we forget that, without all the extra help, they’d look just like the average mother trying to make it through the day. Not only that, but, as Sara Gilbert says (and I agree) there is still a huge double-standard between men and woman at play.

“I think I am the most frightened,” confesses Gilbert. “Which is funny, because I’m not known as somebody who is into appearances or makeup that much. People think of me as more natural. We are so used to seeing ladies that way [with makeup], when they are without it, it doesn’t look like the norm. Whereas a man’s flaws are perceived as sexy, on a women they look like imperfections.”

When did you (or when do you plan to) allow you daughter to wear make-up? What do you want to teach her about it and society’s perceptions of woman and make-up? I think I agree with Curtis who says the difference with make-up is your intent: are you trying to hide something or are you trying to accent something? What do you think? Do you think something like this helps women or is it just a silly PR stunt for ratings?

Watch a clip from the show in the video below.

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