Publicly Funded School Gives Students Class Credit for Participating in Anti-Abortion Vigils

Candlelight vigil
Should students at a school that receives public funding get credit for attending a political rally?

When I was a kid, politics in school were relegated to class elections and vaguely uninformed discussions during social studies (i.e. kids repeating what their parents said at the dinner table the night before). Teachers never really let on what they believed politically. As it should be, I think, considering how impressionable kids can be.

I get that private schools can do their own thing. Same thing for parochial schools. Still, it makes me a little sick to my stomach to read that a Catholic school in Winnipeg is awarding students with community service credit for participating in anti-abortion vigils, according to Jezebel.

The Winnipeg Free Press reported that kids who stood outside of a local women’s hospital with the Campaign Life Coalition will have their “work” count towards their community service requirements.

So, let me get this straight — make women who are exercising their legal right to an abortion feel uncomfortable by judging them with your presence and you’ve served your community? Ugh.

Here’s the twist: this would never fly at a public school, right? You know, a school that receives public funding? Well, Christ the King School, which is the school in question in Winnipeg, actually gets government funding. So the citizens of Winnipeg are effectively subsidizing anti-abortion protests. And the school’s principal says that the while the anti-abortion protests are voluntary, they could become an “official school activity” by next year. Double ugh.

Christ the King School goes up to the 8th grade. That means that elementary school kids are taking a political stand and harassing women for making legal and private decisions about their bodies. Triple ugh.

What bothers you more — that a publicly funded school is allowing kids to earn class credit by attending anti-abortion protests, or that kids in elementary school are being encouraged to take a political stand against abortion? Or are you troubled equally?


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