Pucker Up! Readers Share Their First Kiss Stories

You never forget your first kiss…and smelly trash reminds me of mine.

In the 6th grade, sandy blond, blue-eyed, Op-wearing Steven was everything I ever wanted in a boy. The game of M-A-S-H promised me at least a dozen times that one day we’d get married, drive Ferraris, and live in a shack with our 10 blond babies.

Me and Steven sittin’ in a tree, and on that fateful spring afternoon of 1987, we were K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

When he grabbed my hand to lead me behind the school dumpster, I knew this was the place for romance. Amid the stench of half-eaten lunches and swarms of flies, he aggressively planted his very open mouth and on my very closed mouth. Sensing my lack of oral response, he stopped and walked away. Bright red, I emerged from behind the dumpster a woman-child.

I asked Babble’s readers to kiss and tell and did they ever! Brace yourself for these awesomely awkward and weirdly wonderful tales of young romance after the jump!

  • Kissy dip 1 of 20
    Kissy dip
    "Unforgettable, not in a good way. I was 15, and the boy had Skoal in his mouth. I'm in the south, ya know."
    @Mamarific via Twitter Life on the Mamarific Merry-Go-Round
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Brace yourself 2 of 20
    Brace yourself
    "You don't want to know. It involved popcorn and braces. Enough said..."
    @TheMavenofMedia via Twitter
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Doggone awful 3 of 20
    Doggone awful
    "Was like kissing a St. Bernard."
    via Andrea
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Young love 4 of 20
    Young love
    "He looks at me and says that I have something on my lip. Stupid me believes him and then of course he slowly moves in for the kiss. My knees went week and shiver me timbers every where! From a 17 yr. old! I didn't know what to do. But I sure loved that kiss. And still do!"
    via Patsy
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Love hurts 5 of 20
    Love hurts
    "Mine is simple. He broke my ankle (by mistake) I kissed him we fell in love and here we are now."
    via Wendy
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Kissed by a rat 6 of 20
    Kissed by a rat
    "7th grade, intermission of Charlotte's Web. The dude who was playing the rat (go figure) cornered me against a wall in the band room and shoved his tongue in my mouth. I was so shocked and (ahem) unimpressed."
    via Alissa Clever Compass
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Kissed the boys and made them cry 7 of 20
    Kissed the boys and made them cry
    "Wayne Corbin in 2nd grade, I was really aggressive and gave him a mild nose bleed."
    @fantaztika via Twitter
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • 31 flavors of awkward 8 of 20
    31 flavors of awkward
    "U want to know abt the locked up braces in the parking lot of the @31flavors Ice cream Stop?"
    @GDRPempress via Twitter Good Day, Regular People
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Total score 9 of 20
    Total score
    "It was amazing! 6th grade crush/hottie of the class on valentine's day and he even had a mullet! Score! (1992)"
    @XMom_of_2 via Twitter An Armada of Love
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Field trip o’ love 10 of 20
    Field trip o' love
    "The backseat of a bus on my way home from a 7th-grade field trip to Springfield, Illinois. The entire weekend after, I listened to 'Iris' by Goo Goo Dolls and thought this was definitely, ABSOLUTELY love. We never spoke again."
    via Andrea, Babble Manager, Blogs + Social Media
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Secret kiss 11 of 20
    Secret kiss
    "3rd grade. Said he had a secret to tell me & pecked me on the cheek. I said I didn't like that."
    @LizaWyles via Twitter Mama Jabber.
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • It stunk! 12 of 20
    It stunk!
    "I was 12, and it was on a dare. He had horrible breath, and it was not enjoyable at all!"
    @forever_trust via Twitter Paula Ruter
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Kindergarten kiss 13 of 20
    Kindergarten kiss
    "I was in kindergarten. I pinned him on the ground at recess and kissed him hard."
    @RenegadeRuby via Twitter Trucks to Cradles
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Like whoa 14 of 20
    Like whoa
    "I was in high school (late bloomer) and his kiss made me tingle in places I didn't even know I had!"
    via Elsie
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • All tongue 15 of 20
    All tongue
    "Mine was U-G-L-Y! He went for the french and stuck his tongue so far in my mouth I almost gagged. Then he thrust it all around. I was in too much shock to pull away at first. I remember thinking, 'THIS is what all the fuss is about? This is awful!'"
    via Elizabeth The Writer Revived
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Kiss and tell 16 of 20
    Kiss and tell
    "Age 11. With my childhood best friend Jason at YMCA camp. Afterward, we ran out and told our counselors that we had just been 'kissing behind that bush over there!' They begged us not to tell our parents."
    via Lindsay, Babble Blog Coordinator
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • All wet 17 of 20
    All wet
    "I was in 6th grade and I remember thinking 'eww that was so wet!'"
    via Tina Life Without Pink
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Kiss tag 18 of 20
    Kiss tag
    "Started young - first kiss in kindergarten from a 2nd grade cutie playing kissing tag."
    @inelegant_life via Twitter Inelegant Unpremeditated Life
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Hurt so good 19 of 20
    Hurt so good
    I was in 8th grade and he was a big shot freshman (my brother's friend). He pinned me against the wall and kissed me so hard it made me lips hurt. Good hurt."
    via Denise
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]
  • Summer lovin’ 20 of 20
    Summer lovin'
    "Last day of 5th grade, behind the cabana club's pool house, wearing an ill-fitting swimsuit and wet hair. Glam."
    @dancinbranflake via Twitter Dancing Branflakes
    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]

Won’t you share your first kiss story with us?

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