Punishment 2012 Style: Parents Post Embarrassing Photos Of Themselves On Teens Facebook Page

Punishment 2012 Style: Parents Post Embarrassing Photos Of Themselves On Teen's Facebook Page via Babble
C’mon, it kinda makes you laugh a little, doesn’t it?

You know those lovely little babies who have grown into friendly happy children? Yeah, well they eventually become teens. By that time,  you’d kill just to have those potty training and colic ‘challenges’ when your kid hits puberty and your challenges become overwhelming. Raising teens can get ugly, and unlike in babyhood and childhood, where the basic care-taking information is plentiful, no one can really tell you how to raise your teen. Hormones and a sense of independence foster the most creative and ridiculous schemes, stories, horrid behavior, and in the blink of an eye, your wholesome kid can become a nightmare. I mean we all remember how we were as teens, right?

So before you judge this next story as you cradle your cooing newborn, try to put yourself in these parents’ position.

One couple responded to a teen’s rudeness by taking away her phone and posting silly photos of themselves on their daughter’s Facebook page. The girl’s brother posted one of the photos to Reddit along with the following caption:

“My parents took away my sisters phone for the week. They’ve uploaded about 10 of these to her Facebook. Doing it right!” 

Did it humiliate the girl? Probably. Was it the most effective tool of punishment? No way. But was it shaming and detrimental? I doubt it.

This online embarrassment was no where near as psychotic as the dad who shot his daughter’s laptop , or as nasty as the mom who posted a status on her daughter’s Facebook page calling her out on being punished in a childish and spiteful tone. This couple gets props for being creative in the very least.

Did it work? Who knows, although I tend to believe the girl would think twice before being obstinate again.

Public shaming is one thing (and never a good idea) but it isn’t the case in this situation. Those photos do not shame the girl or share damaging personal details; they just show goofy parents.

Sure, the girl probably cringed but years from now when she is grown, I bet that will be one of her best memories.

What do you think? Was it harmless? How would you feel if you were that girl?

Image: Reddit


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