Puppet Massacre: 9 Sesame Street Characters Re-imagined as Horror Movie Villains

Sesame Street Characters Re-imagined into MonstersMany of the characters on Sesame Street are monsters and as a parent I appreciate that. There’s no better way to calm a terrified child down about the the creatures they believe to be lurking under their bed than to remind them that Elmo and Cookie Monster from Sesame Street are, well, monsters. It’s logic with which they cannot argue. Monsters are not all bad.

You know, until they are. Artist Isaac Bidwell has re-imagined some of your favorite, formerly lovable, characters into cold-blooded killers in a series he calls the “Puppet Massacre.” From an Elmo turned Freddy Krueger to Bert as Michael Myers, these drawings are fodder for your next nightmare.

Check out the whole series after the jump.

  • Nightmare on Sesame Street 1 of 9
    Nightmare on Sesame Street
    Elmo's World just got a whole lot scarier.
  • First name Bert, last name Myers 2 of 9
    First name Bert, last name Myers
    I always knew Bert was a psychopath.
  • Step aside, Jason Voorhees 3 of 9
    Step aside, Jason Voorhees
    This might be the most horrifying visual I've ever encountered.
  • Telly Monster 4 of 9
    Telly Monster
    What are you going to do with that letter B, Telly?
  • Pinbird 5 of 9
    Hellraiser. Now with feathers.
  • Prairie Dawn of the dead 6 of 9
    Prairie Dawn of the dead
    The zombie apocalypse spares no one, not even muppets.
  • Sesame Street chainsaw massacre 7 of 9
    Sesame Street chainsaw massacre
    Whoever stole the cookie from the cookie jar is in a world of trouble right about now.
  • Child’s play 8 of 9
    Child's play
    Rubber duckie, you are no longer the one.
  • Animal gone insect 9 of 9
    Animal gone insect
    Who knew arachnids could be even more terrifying?

For more of Isaac Bidwell’s work check out his Tumblr, his portfolio, or purchase his art on Etsy.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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