Puppy Bowl 2011: Are Puppies Cuter Than Babies?

Puppy Bowl 2011
Puppy Bowl 2011

Don’t get me wrong, guys. I love babies. And toddlers. Heck, I even love my niece to pieces, and she’s a teenager. But I have to say, there’s almost nothing cuter in this world than a fluffy puppy, AM I RIGHT??? I mean, come on. How can anyone resist those big puppy dog eyes, a wagging tail, the way puppies pant at you when they’re excited and whimper when they need love? (I think we can all agree that the one design flaw babies have is that whole crying thing. Think about how much easier being woken at night would be if you got to hear a lilting howl instead of screaming?)

If you’re like me and you’re not really into football, but you jump on any occasion to eat wings and nachos, maybe you should check out Animal Planet’s pre-game Puppy Bowl. Puppy Bowl VII begins at 3 pm on Sunday, and this year’s lineup couldn’t be any cuter.

Are you ready for some pupball?!

Look at this picture of Thirteen (I’m assuming that’s both his number and his name) taking a break from the action. Are you kidding me?!  Adorable.

Puppy Bowl 2011Will I marry you?  Yes, yes I will.  It’s not like I haven’t been married to a dog before.  (Ahem.)

Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl website is really great and has lots of fun features kids will love.  Check out these animated gifs of the game’s referee:

Puppy Bowl 2011
Oh! That play stinks!
Puppy Bowl 2011
Fist Pump for Pups!

The best part?  All of the puppies in the Puppy Bowl are rescued animals.  If you’re looking to adopt a pet, check out this video featuring great advice about the process, then visit

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