Putin Backs Anti-U.S. Adoption Bill

Putin Backs Anti-U.S. Adoption Bill via Babble
Putin plans to back the anti-U.S. adoption bill

In an apparent act of retaliation against America for placing sanctions against Russians who are determined to be human rights violators, Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to sign a bill that will ban the adoption of Russia children by anyone from the United States.

The Huffington Post reports that the move has not only devastated many in the U.S., some of who had already deep into the adoption process, but it has also upset Russians who feel that Putin is placing politics over the well-being of the many Russian children who are orphans.

It’s estimated that over 600,000 Russian children have been adopted by Americans in just the past 20 years. Russia remains the “the single biggest source of adopted children in the U.S.”

Russian government says the bill was necessary due to cases like Dima Yakovlev, “a Russian toddler for whom the bill is named. The child was adopted by Americans and then died in 2008 after his father left him in a car in broiling heat for hours. The father was found not guilty of involuntary manslaughter.”

Of course, as in so many other circumstances, many feel that this bill has everything to do with political power rather than safety and health of children.

Right now, there are 740,000 children living in Russian orphanages, and just 18,000 families in Russia waiting to adopt. Sadly, there are many would-be parents who have already started adoption proceedings and are currently waiting for the paperwork to go through so they can bring their babies home from Russia, and if Putin gets his way, that may never happen.

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