Puzzle-O-Love Tattoo for the Young, Dumb, and So in Love

Image credit: via mokaloka

Whether or not you’re a tattoo believer, you know stupid when you see it.

When I logged on to MSN this morning, I wasn’t prepared to see this young couple in all their “puzzle-o-love” glory.

Aside from the obvious stupidity of the tattoo, the workmanship pretty much sucks. Cupid’s arrow plunged deep into this lopsided heart looks to be the stuff of a spring break dare gone horribly wrong.

The romantic in me gets the whole love tattoo as an expression of eternal devotion but whatever happened to the slightly less regrettable (yet equally questionable) matching tribal bands, yin yang symbols, or first names in script? Are the young and in love no longer worthy of an entire tattoo?  

If and/or when this couple is ever forced to release their loving embrace, her shoulder will be left with something that looks like a butt profile with the tail of an arrow sticking out of it paired with a wide V on her elbow. He’ll be sporting yet another wide V on his bicep along with an inexplicable horizontal line above his elbow. And of course, something that looks like an unfinished male gender symbol on his left rib. Hot.

What remains unclear is whether this regrettable statement of love is a real tattoo or an unfortunate incident with a Sharpie. For the sake of the 70+ years ahead of these young lovers, let’s hope for the latter.

What are your thoughts on love tattoos?

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