Question: Would You Buy a Pregnancy Test from a $1 Store?

Recently my husband and I were at a nearby Dollar Store doing a bit of thrifty shopping for party favors for our daughter’s upcoming birthday party. Yes, 93% of the stuff in your average Dollar Store is crap if not crapola, but every now and then you can find a discounted gem. We ended up with a shopping cart full of mini-winged nymphs for her upcoming fairy-themed birthday party. Yeah, we spelled that S-C-O-R-E!

As we were in line, I tried to avert my eyes from the disheveled man who was attempting to purchase two bottles of red wine. He was a skilled drinker, guzzling down a bottle even before he got a chance to pay for it. And I should add, he paid for both bottles with change, which took a while. Anyhoo, I was trying not to look and get even more bummed out than I already was when I spied an interesting “hot” item behind the counter. Those $1 items they keep safe so people don’t steal them. Nestled between silly bands and batteries was a row of $1 pregnancy tests …

My first reaction? Dismay. Other pregnancy tests cost $8 to $20, and they’re selling them for just a buck? How could one put their perceived fate into a low-cost solution like that? What if it was wrong? What if it was right? There is so much at stake, knowing if you are or aren’t knocked up. So initially I thought, why would ANYONE buy a $1 pregnancy test? The main reason? They’re broke. They can’t afford the $8 one, the $20 one,  let alone go to the doctor. And they’re probably scared. S#*tless. And for those who can’t afford more, it’s nice to know that this option is there in the land of mini-winged nymphs and cheap booze.

In doing some research on the Dollar Store pregnancy tests (most about the Dollar Tree chain) many past costumers chimed in saying that yes, the dollar store results were accurate. On Wiki Answers, a user posted about the accuracy of the tests and the thoughts that they could be expired products, writing, “ACTUALLY, the pregnancy tests found in most dollar stores, whether it is dollar tree, dollar general, family dollar, and even sav-a-lot do NOT sit on the shelves very long at all… However, do check the dates just in case… Also, YES they work. Just because you only pay a dollar for it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. From personal experience, they were accurate 4 times (out of the 4 times I took them) 3 positive and 1 negative … From professional experience, we had nothing but positive feedback from customers 🙂 You should always check with your doctor though!!”

Would you trust a Dollar Store test? Or would you go, instinctively for the more expensive option?

Photo: Sunny Chanel

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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