Why You Need to Quit NetworkedBlogs Immediately

You need to quit using NetworkedBlogs.


Unless, of course, you’d like to continue for your blog posts to go unseen.

Yep. For real.

NetworkedBlogs was an amazing tool about three years ago. It still worked a bit before Facebook switched to the Timeline format, but for a while now there has been a definite practice on Facebook to downgrade and bunch together ANYTHING that is published by an app.

You read that right; Facebook de-prioritizes app-fed items. Meaning that your posts OFTEN WILL NOT SHOW UP IN YOUR FAN’S NEWS FEEDS FROM YOUR BLOG’S FAN PAGE.

I was lucky enough at Blissdom to be the community leader during Melanie Nelson‘s amazing session on making the most of your Facebook fan page, and she happened to mention this flaw with NetworkedBlogs in passing, so yesterday I chased her down to get more information. Here’s what she had to say.

Like all social media platforms, Facebook emphasizes community interaction. Everyone knows that social media isn’t about broadcasting, it’s about two-way communication. Anyone who’s handled social media and community knows that managing that two-way communication on multiple platforms is a lot of work.

You may start to think about how you can streamline your efforts and automate some of the things you post. So you turn to HootSuite, or NetworkedBlogs, or any number of other tools to help you out. You schedule and automated your updates. While that may seem like a good idea, Facebook prizes manual posting over third-party applications and so your automated posts don’t get as much weight in the News Feed. That means that aren’t as visible as your manual posts and therefore may not have the high engagement you’re used to when you take the time to engage personally with your community.

Emphasis there is mine. And there’s more.

In addition, if NetworkedBlogs is set to push your new blog link out when it’s posted, that may be a problem. I know that I always have my blog posts publish around 6a central so my readers can get it before work or while they’re starting the day. If that’s when NetworkedBlogs publishes the link on Facebook, that may not be the optimum time for my Facebook audience. That would mean that my link is lost and never had a chance. What if you publish your articles at midnight or 2am (I know bloggers who do)? That for sure is going to miss your Facebook audience.

Good point, right?

Generally, I do believe that even while we are moving increasingly toward social media automation (an idea to which I am utterly opposed, as I personally believe in the social aspect of social networks), it’s clear that Facebook is attempting to discourage this behavior.

After seeing Melanie’s session, I went ahead and got rid of NetworkedBlogs (you can read about how to do it here, but I ultimately had to go into the NetworkedBlogs website and completely delete my account; sorry, NetworkedBlogs subscribers!). Instead I’ve been hand posting my blog posts on my Facebook wall and fan page; the difference is remarkable. Take a look at the improvement in my Facebook Insights (removing NetworkedBlogs is the ONLY thing I’ve done so far although I plan to take the rest of Melanie’s advice for sure!):

Pretty amazing.

So, basically, if you want to keep or increase your traffic from Facebook, dump networked blogs. As fast as you can. Thanks for the help, Melanie!

PS: Sadly, the “stacking” updates is not just an issue with the NetworkedBlogs app; I’ve noticed it with Instagram too. Very frustrating.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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