Radiation From Nuclear Reactor Meltdown Could Reach the West Coast. US on Alert

Radiation to Hit California?
Radiation to Hit California?

As someone whose family lives on the West Coast, this story totally freaks me out. And it should. It’s pretty damn scary and I, for one, am a nervous Nelly to begin with.

There is new speculation that nuclear fallout from three damaged nuclear reactors could trigger a very serious radiation leak, and one that could drift through the air and hit the Pacific Coast of the United States.  Bringing the tragedy in Japan very much home.

But keep in mind this is a “worst-case scenario.” But it is a scenario none the less. What would have to happen for this nuclear nightmare to become a reality and should we really be worried?

In Japan, the Fukushima plants fuel rods are currently melting, they could explode blasted radioactive material into the air (already two have exploded). After the meltdown, it then could, possibly, be carried by strong winds to the States reaching California in four days. There are many factors in play, the state of the meltdowns, the force of the winds heading to the US and the overall level of the radiation. Check out the map below…

One of the biggest fears of the radiation is the effect it would have on crops such as the vast fields in California that produces a large quantity of fruit, vegetables and grapes for wine.

But should all of us families in the Pacific Coast rush to our cars and to the airports and get out of dodge? Let’s hope not. It may be just  sensationalizes the story. Let’s hope so.  One expert from the University of Washington said, ” Based on what we’re seeing in terms of the radiation that’s being released now, there is no risk at all. Even in the worst case scenario there is a low likelihood of much risk over the Pacific Northwest.” That is good news to hear, let’s just hope that he is right. But still the idea of any amount of radiation coming towards our children is scary enough.

Are you worried about the threat of radiation from the fallout hitting the states?

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