Raise Your Hand If You Hate Making School Lunches, Too!

Raise Your Hand If You Hate Making School Lunches, Too! via Babble
On a scale of 1-10, how much do you hate making school lunch?

Of the many things I’m looking forward to with the start of a new school year, like mornings spent working without interruption, one thing I’m absolutely dreading is the return of the 7am making of school lunch.

I’ve complained about this before and that’s all it is … an innocuous complaint because making school lunches is something I’ve always done (and probably complained about for years). I would never ‘not’ do it or buy those ready-made meals because first off, they’re gross and my kids won’t eat them and secondly, they’re a major rip-off for a few crackers and sliced chucks of God knows what.  But I don’t begrudge anyone who does because lunchmaking bites for reasons I can’t exactly explain.

So I chuckled when I read the piece on Jezebel on this very topic. They say that “according to the survey, fifty-five percent of dads said they made lunch for their kids, compared with only forty-three percent of moms. However, less than half of parents actually made lunches more than three times a week”, supposedly buying prepackaged lunches.

Can that be true? 56 percent of dads make the lunches? Moms, fess up, or at least share your secret. I fully understand that nearly half of all moms hate making lunches, detest it so much in fact that they have stopped doing it. But is hubby really picking up the slack?

I have had no such luxury. My husband has made lunch for our kids, maybe once, and that was when I had just given birth to another child. He is no morning person and a bit oblivious about what the kids like at lunchtime in a school (which differs from lunchtime at home).

On top of that, my kids don’t really eat sandwiches. (My fault, I know and if I ever had another child, I would feed them the plainest, easiest to make lunches ever.) They will have a plain peanut butter sandwich here and there but more often than not, they take hot food for lunch, which includes cooking at 7am (along with breakfast). But it’s not just the cooking that’s annoying, it’s the preparing. I’ve had more than a few mornings running my kids to school while grabbing a juice pack in an overcrowded deli because I ran out and forgot to get them the night before. (Thank God for Fresh Direct!)

My only consolation is that I am down to doing it for one child only now. And for all you moms who are dreading school lunch making like me, just know that once they head off to high school, you’ll never have to do it ever again!

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you hate making school lunch?

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