Disney Princesses Reimagined as Star Wars Jedi and Sith

Ever wonder what would happen if Disney Princesses went Star Wars?

Ralph Sevelius did, and his subsequent mashup went viral.

The commercial animator/illustrator didn’t even know, until an animation director at work gave him mad respect and otherwise called it “sweet” and “really cool.”

“I made a New Year’s resolution to not do anymore fan art and and focus my career on more original content,” Sevelius said as we chatted over email. “So I had an idea with this Disney/Star Wars thing and almost didn’t do it just to stay true to my resolution.”

Good thing no one ever sticks to those.

  • Under the (Gungan) sea. 1 of 4

    "I was only going to do Ariel and that was IT," Sevelius says. "But because so many people liked it on [deviantART] I said, 'Ok, just one more.'"

  • And at last she sees the light… saber. 2 of 4

    "Then people really liked Rapunzel," Sevelius added.

    Um, yeah. She has magic hair that glows when she pshwooms!

  • She’s wishing for the one she loves… to join her on the Dark Side. 3 of 4

    I said, 'Ok seriously, Snow White will be the last one, I DON'T CARE HOW MANY PEOPLE LIKE IT.' ... Now I'm gonna do all of them," Sevelius says, sighing while we all quietly squee.


  • A whole new world. Come on. That’s perfect. 4 of 4

    "When I think about Leia in Jabba's ill-lit palace, I always remember those slats of light across her figure, so I made sure I put that in there," Sevelius says.

    If font had a tone, I'm thinking it would be wistful. Dreamlike. Kind of like a teenager's gold bikini dreams.


Photo credits: All artwork was used with the kind permission of Ralph Sevelius. See more of his creative awesome on deviantART and on his blog.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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