Rat Climbs Up Man's Body on NYC Subway

rat homeless man
Teach your children well: homeless people are people, too.

It’s every urban-dweller’s worst nightmare: rats taking over the subway.  I don’t mean the rails or the platform – I’m talking about a subway car.  Early yesterday morning, at about 2 am, a very large rat was filmed running around inside the 4 train headed toward Brooklyn, when the grossest thing imaginable happened: the rat crawled up a homeless man’s leg and nestled for a moment underneath his chin.  The homeless man woke up suddenly and the rat scampered away, and even though the encounter was brief, there are innumerable lessons to be learned here:

1.) When traveling alone or with your children via subway, be vigilant against vermin.  I’m always on the lookout for rats and mice on the train platform, but I’ve never actually seen one on a subway car.  Every urbanite knows not to enter a car when no one else is in it – that means either there’s no AC, something died in there or it’s covered in feces.  Now you know, if you see a rat, run.

2.) If you see something, say something!  While it may be interesting to film a loose rat in the train, it’s certainly not fair that the budding cinematographer who captured the affair allowed a homeless man to be attacked.  Homeless people are still people, even if they do sometimes poop in public (see lesson number one, above).

3.) Never, ever, under any circumstances, allow yourself of your children to close your eyes on the train ever again.

Here’s the video:

Source: CBS News/1010 Wins

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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