Razor Blades and Pills for National Play-Doh Day

play-doh-pill-bottleQuick parents, prepare the vaccuum and pull out the cookie cutters. It’s National Play-Doh Day! And in honor of a kooky holiday, some kooky ads!

Over in Singapore, everyone’s favorite funky-smelling dough factory is advertising their toy for kids with some very un-kid-like things. Namely razor blades, matches and pills.


They’ve gotten some ribbing, but I’m going to come down on the side of fun (yes, perhaps I’ve been sniffing too much of the stuff). The ads are touting the toy’s “safe no matter what you make.”



Would it be a warped child who makes one of these? Probably, but has your kid ever made a Play-Doh snake try to eat your head? OK, just me?

The point of Play-Doh, which at times drives me nuts (see above: vaccuum) and other times saves my sanity (go make something honey . . . OK Mommy!) is kids CAN make whatever they want. And with a ton of really cool “factories” which I wanted desperately when I was a kid and somehow cannot deny my own child.

Looked at from another vantage point – a meat cleaver alone, or a pill bottle, isn’t really that bad. Put together, the ads don’t scream “healthy fun,” but set them apart, and they’re not preparing your kids for a life of drugs and crime.

What do you make of these ads? If you’re off to cook up a concoction for the holiday, check out the Play-Doh kitchen contest.

Images: UglyDoggy

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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