Ready for the Super Bowl? 8 NFL Fans Show Off Their Ink

The weekend is tantalizingly close and it seems like just about everyone is gearing up for Sunday’s big game. While you’re out gathering your favorite snacks to stock your fridge and making that extra beer run (you know, just in case), perhaps you’d also like to get a tattoo?

Football fans are some of the most dedicated sport enthusiasts out there. Is it any surprise that some of them are willing to permanently ink a display of their devotion for their favorite team on their bodies?

Check out the questionable way these diehard football fans chose to display their support:

  • Tebow as a centaur 1 of 8
    Tebow as a centaur
    If you look closely, he's even carrying a tiny cross.
  • This shows dedication 2 of 8
    This shows dedication
    But a real fan would have gone for a full sleeve.
  • A permanent autograph collection 3 of 8
    A permanent autograph collection
    Now that he's had these inked, he can finally wash his back again.
  • Grin and bear it 4 of 8
    Grin and bear it
    You've been stamped.
  • If you really love the Raiders 5 of 8
    If you really love the Raiders'll say it with your face! Permanently.
  • Add some whimsy to Tim Tebow 6 of 8
    Add some whimsy to Tim Tebow
    You know what would make Tebowing so much better? A bucking bronco and some purple mountains majesty.
  • Noogies 7 of 8
    How about a tattoo of Eli giving brother Peyton Manning a noogie? I'll spare you all the part of the body this was tattooed on.
  • For when you really love John Elway 8 of 8
    For when you really love John Elway
    If his placement in the NFL hall of fame isn't quite enough, how about having him tattooed on your leg?


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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