Real Life Timon And Pumba

The Lion King DVDYou’ve heard of “The Lion King.” You thought it was just a story. Turns out it might be a documentary.

The Real Life Timon and Pumba, after the jump.

See? Isn’t that cute?

Real life Timon and Pumba

I’m not sure where this shot came from. That is, it came from Reddit via Buzzfeed, but beyond that, I don’t know.

Actually, I was fooled. It’s a fake. Here’s the proof, according to reddit commenters:

Warthog image from NASA

Turns out the warthog image is from NASA, and someone Photoshopped in the meerkat. Bummer.

Here they are side by side.

Props to commenter “shamecamel” who wrote, “it’d be crazy if they made a movie about this.”

And here is a scene from said movie, in case you’ve managed to put it out of your head for a few minutes.

Source: Reddit via Buzzfeed

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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