Reddit Users to the Rescue! Sick 5-year-old’s Surprise Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

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Those lovable Reddit users! Not only do they seem to have a pulse on the happenings of the internet, but, as 5-year-old Alexis Blackburn can tell you, they also have hearts as big as the world wide web.

Since the age of 3, Alexis has been battling ulcerative colitis, an experience her mother, Tara, writes about openly on her blog. Back in January of this year, Alexis’s symptoms worsened, landing her in the hospital. The 5-year-old girl underwent “multiple Remicade infusions, as well as several blood transfusions,” but her condition did not seem to improve.

After a surgery on July 12, Alexis’s dad, Kyle, took to Reddit sharing a picture of his daughter. He wrote, “My daughter had her colon removed 3 days ago. She found the strength to walk to the playroom yesterday.” Commenters responded by the hundreds with well wishes and inquiries into how they could help brighten the girl’s day. Kyle let Reddit users know that cards could be sent to his daughter through a service the hospital offered. Cards would be printed and delivered to her hospital room.

One day later, Alexis received 136 cards from complete strangers from the internet wishing her well, but the kindness of Reddit users didn’t stop there. Another thread began in order to find more sick children to spread the love to. Children from Toronto to the United Kingdom received care packages and cards as a result.

As for Alexis, she’s doing much better. According to her mother, “After a week of no eating, she was given the okay to chow down on some actual food today!”


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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