Celebrating a Boy Who Would Have Been 19 Today

Henry and siblings

Today would have been the 19th birthday of Henry Granju, the son of Babble writer and blogger Katie Allison Granju. He died on May 31st of this year.

I didn’t know Henry, but I’ve been following the heartbreaking story of a handsome and much-loved teenage boy from a big Tennessee family of seven. When her son was admitted to the hospital this April, Katie made the decision to be open with her readers about his struggle with addiction and the assault and overdose that led him to the ICU and to pass away 37 days later.

Today, as every day, he’s being remembered and loved by a mother, father, brothers and sisters. But they’re also celebrating his birthday in a more public way. And we urge you to join in.

Katie’s sister Betsy has created the Facebook page Acts of Kindness for Henry. The idea is simple: perform an act of kindness in honor of Henry and post about it on the group wall. 850 people have joined since yesterday and reports of donations and more are popping up every few minutes.

Please read Betsy’s words about her nephew and follow the link to see the Facebook page. Also look at information on Henry’s Scholarship Fund.

Me?  I contacted family friends who have two young children with special needs. We haven’t seen them in well over a year, but we’re going to take them out for a play date with my son.  My thoughts are with Katie and her family today.

Image: facebook

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