Republicans Can Make Jokes, Too: Funny Romney Election Gear

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Mitt Romney loves a good joke.

Tonight’s the night: Mitt Romney will accept the nomination for President at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. The RNC has been quite “buzzy” so far; the theme of Tuesday night’s RNC speeches was “We Built It,” in response to a comment President Obama made about government-built infrastructure supporting private sector businesses. Last night, VP-pick Paul Ryan took the stage and made several accusations about the Obama presidency, six of which have been fact-checked and refuted by CBS News. The Obama campaign called Ryan’s speech “brazen” and noted in an email to supporters, “Last night, Paul Ryan brazenly lied to the country. Repeatedly. He lied about Medicare. He lied about Obamacare. He even attacked President Obama for a GM plant that closed while George W. Bush was still President.”

While soliciting for donations, the Obama campaign told supporters, “Republicans and their corporate Super PAC allies are going to repeat all those lies you heard last night ad nauseam. Romney’s campaign has already admitted that they won’t let their campaign ‘be dictated by fact-checkers.'” Nor will the Romney campaign be funded by the types of microdonations that worked so well for the Obama campaign in 2008. That may be why the Romney campaign store isn’t stocked with clever gear meant to entice supporters to donate the way Obama store is, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t funny gear out there for Romney supporters. It’s just that much of it has been created by sources outside of the campaign. Here’s a look at some of the political humor Republicans are using this election:

  • Moms Drive the Economy 1 of 7
    Moms Drive the Economy
    Get it? For your mini-van full of five boys? You could dissect the various implications of this idea for days.
    Bumper sticker, $5.50, Romney store
  • Super Fan 2 of 7
    Super Fan
    This isn't a joke, per se, but I find Romney co-opting youth culture funny.
    Tee, $30, Romney store
  • Government Didn’t Build My Business 3 of 7
    Government Didn't Build My Business
    A play on Obama's "you didn't build that" comment from a campaign speech where he was reminding business owners that it takes a village to create success.
    Tee, $30, Romney store
  • Obama Will Eat Me 4 of 7
    Obama Will Eat Me
    In his autobiography, Dreams from My Father, the President mentioned eating dog meat once while he was a boy in Indonesia as part of a strange array of cuisine offered to him, including snake and grasshopper. This fact was dug up in response to Romney locking his dog in a crate on the roof of his car.
    Bumper sticker, $5, Cafe Press
  • Better in the Crate… 5 of 7
    Better in the Crate...
    Than on the plate. Agreed.
    Pin, $4, Cafe Press
  • Mitt Is The Shit 6 of 7
    Mitt Is The Shit
    As you can imagine, there are also anti-Romney slogans involving poo, as well.
    Shirt, $24, Cafe Press
  • 2 Legit to Mitt 7 of 7
    2 Legit to Mitt
    This shirt was being sold by Urban Outfitters, but it's no longer available, so if you have one, you have a unique collector's item and a bit of history. The CEO of Urban is a major GOP donor.
    Photo credit: Coco Perez

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