Resistance Is Futile: We’re All Turning Into Our Parents (PHOTOS)

I’ve always found it uncanny how much some children look like their parents. Not only do they look alike but they talk the same way, have the same mannerisms, it’s crazy.

To my great horror I heard myself telling my unruly son that he was “crusin’ for a brusin'” the other day. That was something my mom always said to us when we misbehaved. There is nothing I can do. I am slowly but surely morphing into the woman who drove me crazy throughout my teenage years. Who still often drives me crazy, truth be told. Although, to be fair, I make her just as nuts. It’s my job, right? Don’t worry. I have a daughter. I’ll reap every seed I sow.

So, just how similar are parent and child? That’s what German photographer Frauke Theilking set out to examine in a project called “Generation.”

Each on of his photos shows a mother/daughter or father/son side by side. Theilking’s goal was to demonstrate the differences and similarities between generations. From what I’m seeing, there are a  whole lot more similarities than differences, physically, at least. In fact, a lot of the photos almost seem to be the same person at different stages in their life.

Basically, no matter how hard we try, we’re all going to turn into our parents at some point. See the photographic evidence below.

(All photos used with permission from Frauke Theilking)

  • It’s Really True… 1 of 7
  • Mom, Daughter 2 of 7

     The hair throws you at first but these two look almost exactly alike.

    Image source: Frauke Theilking

  • Father & Son 3 of 7

     Okay, seriously. This is the same person, right?

    Image source: Frauke Theilking

  • Mother & Daughter 4 of 7

    These women resemble each other the least out of all the photos in the series, don't you think?

    Image source: Frauke Theilking

  • Like Father, Like Son 5 of 7

     In this series the fathers and sons look like the same person.

    Image source: Frauke Theilking

  • Like Mother, Like Daughter 6 of 7

     This, at least to me, looks like the same person at different stages of their life.

    Image source: Frauke Theilking

  • Me and My Mom 7 of 7

    For funsies, here's a photo of me and my mom. It's not the greatest and we aren't naked but yeah. I'm turning into my mom. What about you? Which parent do you most resemble?

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