Restaurant Slammed for "Baby Tax"

What's next? A breastfeeding tax?

Moms were shocked when, while dining at Cosmo’s Restaurant (England’s largest eatery) with their babies, they were asked to pay $5 just for bringing the children in the restaurant.

As Shine Yahoo reports, Sheridan was surprised, to say the least. “I was astonished as we explained she was exclusively breastfed and would be sitting on our laps, therefore not consuming any food or occupying an extra seat. They said it was their new policy. That was all,” Sheridan told London’s Evening Standard.

Outraged moms took to the web to vent their anger over Cosmo’s baby tax policy leading to the restaurant’s apology on their website for “mistreatment by our staff”. The message also clarified the fee was supposed to apply to toddlers who are eating the restaurant’s food. Cosmo said “We will be in contact with Natasha Young and Anna Sheridan with a personal apology for their mistreatment by our staff.”

Even if it was a misunderstanding or if the restaurant tweaked the policy to cover its butt, I think it’s awesome that parents are not tolerating the no kids allowed movement that seems to be spreading across the globe. As Yahoo puts it, “Many parents feel marginalized, even bullied when they take their toddlers out to a restaurant. While they may have gotten used to fellow patrons complaining about their crying babies, being charged extra for the privilege is the last straw.”

Exactly. Restaurants banning kids, airlines forcing babies to the back of the plane or splitting families up altogether. And here’s another one Yahoo sites: moms in the English town of Bath were charged $3 for bringing in baby food and not ordering off the children’s menu. After moms protested the restaurant withdrew its baby fee policy. Sheesh. What’s next? A breastfeeding tax? Or as one commenter on the Evening Standard wrote: “You might as well charge a pregnant women for taking up extra space.”

It’s hard enough taking children out in public but if I choose to do so I should be given the same treatment as anyone else at that restaurant. Unless my kids start to act out and I do nothing about it, leave me alone. It’s shocking to me that of the nearly 80 comments after this post, so many people think it’s acceptable to ban children from restaurants.

What are your thoughts about the no kids allowed movement?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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