Retweeted Christmas Complaints: Spoiled Much?

Worst Christmas gift tweets
Most spoiled Christmas tweets ever

Sometimes our kids don’t get exactly what they want for Christmas and, as parents, we remind them that it’s not all about what you get, but the spirit of giving and spending time together that matters the most.

Based on these retweeted Christmas complaints, it sounds like some people have missed that elementary lesson, carrying on like spoiled brats because they didn’t get the gadget or vehicle on their wish list.

I was a little bit surprised to learn of these grumpy souls bitching and moaning about all the things they didn’t get… complain much?

The answer is yes, and one guy gathered up a bunch of the negative comments to show exactly how ungrateful some folks can be.

Especially when they don’t get their most desired Apple product.

Comedy writer Jon Hendren (@Fart) started retweeting the Christmas gift complaints and it’s a pretty embarrassing representation of humankind… those without the iPhone or iPad, iPod or Kindle Fire — or car (yes, those Lexus ads give some a glimmer, it seems) on their list had a nice little freak out.

Are these people for real?

Hendren explains, “I was visiting with my family. They’d all gone to bed somewhat early on Christmas Eve night, and I was lying awake playing with Twitter’s search function on my iPhone (oddly enough). Nobody I was following was tweeting much of anything at that time, so I didn’t feel too bad about flooding my timeline. I think I did about 40 or 50 before people started posting fake tweets, which made it harder to find real ones among the search results, so I cut it off probably around Noon on Christmas morning. There are probably even better real ones among all the fake ones out there by now, but it’s too hard to tell.”

You can read some of these bratty tweets at (click on the image to see full size)

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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