[Round 2] Behind the Screens Look!: What Your Favorite Bloggers Are Wearing

Hey, at least he's comfortable.

Psst, hey there! Over here.

Look away from the nakey dad blogger.

Last week I published Behind the Screens Look!: What Your Favorite Bloggers Are Wearing and your response was simply wonderful. So wonderful that we put a call out to our favorite bloggers for a round 2!

It never (ever) occurred to me that some bloggers might actually blog in the buff as our beloved Andy of How to Be a Dad fame has shown here. By the way, don’t sit in Andy’s office chair next time you go to visit OK? You read it here first.

Check out what our favorite bloggers of round 2 are wearing (…or not wearing) as they blog their hearts out for the masses.

  • Crissy 1 of 11
    "Most days, and throughout much of the day, I can be found wearing this stylish... baby! I've learned to embrace my Moby Wrap, as it is the only way I can get anything done during the day with a colicky 7-week-old. I'm actually considering buying the same wrap in another color, just to mix things up!"
    Learn more about the lovely Crissy at Dear Crissy
  • Molly 2 of 11
    "-Thrown on make-up
    -Stylish (hahahaha!) messy bun
    -Baby (or child seems always attached to me)
    -Standard uniform of jeans, tank top and sweater
    -I almost always wear a necklace-until a child breaks it.
    I like to use the 4 kids excuse for my frumpiness."
    Keep up with Molly at Digital Mom Blog
  • Ilana 3 of 11
    "I blog late at night, often after everybody else has gone to sleep, in some form of pajamas. Or more accurately, random clothing items that I like to wear to bed. Here I am wearing my old maternity leggings (no, I'm not pregnant, they are just super comfy) and a stolen long sleeve t-shirt from my husband. Socks are key too. Our floors are freezing."
    Check out how Ilana brings the funny at Mommy Shorts
  • Tina 4 of 11
    "I usually do most of my work and blogging from my office tucked away in the corner of my bedroom. Most days it's yoga pants and long sleeve t-shirt...but today I actually got a shower and put jeans on - makes me feel more human :)"
    Find out how Tina does it all at Life Without Pink
  • Corine 5 of 11
    "I try to break away from my yoga pants (even though I love them dearly). However, a comfy sweater and my glasses are always blogging staples."
    Get cozy with Corine at Complicated Mama
  • Andy 6 of 11
    "Wait! You're supposed to where clothes when you blog???"
    Check out even more (yes, more) from Andy at How To Be A Dad
  • Debi 7 of 11
    "This is me, TruthfulMommy, in my natural habitat..right this moment taken on my webcam. Typical blogwear consists of yoga pants, a tank top and a college sweatshirt of the day; this is so when I go out in public I can create the illusion that I might be on my way to work out. I might be! You don't know! If I'm wearing shoes, it's probably my Ugg boots because they are basically house shoes in disguise. Luckily, I got my hair cut and you can't keep this sassy hair down (by the way this is yesterday's hair and makeup). I usually wear my headphones when I work to drown out all the outside noise so that I can concentrate. P.S. I'm currently listening to Tupac so there may be cursing in tomorrow's post. So this is me...scary but true."
    For more about how Debi keeps it real, check out The Truth About Motherhood
  • Elizabeth 8 of 11
    "I blog from the desk in my bedroom, usually in jeans or shorts and a t-shirt. I prefer to be casual and comfortable. As soon as I drop my daughter off at preschool, I sit down at my laptop and write!"
    Get inspired by Elizabeth at The Writer Revived
  • Sweetney 9 of 11
    "I wear lots of black on the outside, because - like Morrissey - black is how I feel *inside,* plus a pomeranian puppy. Yin/Yang, folks. :)"
    For more awesomeness that is Sweetney, check her out here
  • Jen 10 of 11
    "It's 6:20 pm. Unshowered. Black tshirt, jeans, and the only reason I have a bra on is because of karate practice. This is my twitter face. And have my security hair in my hand."
    Laugh with Jen at The Martha Project
  • Laura 11 of 11
    "My go-to uniform every single morning: black yoga pants, a t-shirt, black hoodie and fuzzy socks (sometimes I add Uggs for warmth or to go to the mailbox). The best things about my look: it's always on my bedroom floor, it's also perfect for the bus-stop when it's time to get the twins, and most of all because I'm wearing all black I can cling to the illusion that I'm still a stylish New York City girl even though I now live in the ‘burbs!"
    There's more of Laura to love at My So-Called Sensory Life

OK Bloggers, what are you wearing right now?

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