Royal Baby: The 17 Best and Worst Examples of Brand Hijacking (Photos)

Have you noticed the new phenomenon in marketing? Brands now take a current event and hijack it to send out their own message. Sometimes it really is a way to just send out a congratulations or acknowledgement to the world, but other times it’s just an easy way to ride the coat tails of a pop culture moment. Case in point: the birth of the royal baby.

Soon after it was announced that Kate Middleton and Prince William had welcomed their baby boy into the world, companies started to tweet out messages of joy (generally with their logo attached), associating their brand with the royal birth. Charmin presented a golden potty, Dominos delivered a royal onesie, and Oreos declared, “Long Live the Cream.”

Some of them are clever, but as Ad Age says, others¬†“are either completely out of place, or a matter of an overzealous social media manager just trying to make sure his or her brand say something.” We’ve collected the best and worst of these royal shout outs. What do you think?

  • Oreos 1 of 17

    Yes, Oreo has been really great at responding to pop culture events in a clever and cute manner. Here is yet another example. Cute.

    Photo Source: Oreo/Twitter

  • Delta 2 of 17

    "It's a boy! Welcome, Prince of Cambridge. We can't wait to show you the world. #RoyalBaby"

    This baby, a boy Prince, will be spending much time in airplanes seeing the world. But they'll probably be private planes...not Delta.

    Photo Source: Delta/Twitter

  • Domino’s 3 of 17

    Domino's went with a very simple message: "'Nuff said. Congrats! #RoyalBaby," along with the photo of the onesie.

    Photo Source: Dominos/Twitter

  • Charmin 4 of 17

    "Get the throne ready! There's a new cub in the Royal family. #RoyalBaby."

    This one is one of the most questionable, yet funny.

    Photo Source: Charmin/Twitter


  • Coca-Cola 5 of 17

    Coca Cola gave a royal shout out to the two. But I bet they aren't celebrating the baby's birth with a Coke, as there is a full wine list at their hospital.

    Photo Source: Coca-Cola/Twitter

  • Aston Villa FC 6 of 17

    The Aston Villa Football Club posted this picture, which makes sense as Prince William is a fan of this soccer team. Yeah, pretty cute.

    Photo Source: AVFCOfficial/Twitter


  • Starbucks 7 of 17

    The royal family could probably use a spot of tea right about now. It's been a long, long day.

    Photo Source: Starbucks UK/Twitter

  • Johnson and Johnson 8 of 17

     This one is pretty clever, and ranks as one of the best. Next time I give my kid a bath, I'm so giving her a bubble crown!

    Photo Source: BBDO/Twitter

  • Blink Box 9 of 17

    Blink Box paid homage to the power of trending, not just with the royal baby with their Look Who's Talking spin off.

    Photo Source: BlinkBox/Twitter

  • The Smurfs 2 10 of 17

    Even the Smurfs are celebrating. Well, that and they have a new movie about to come out.

    Photo Source: SonyPicturesUK/Twitter

  • Liberty of London 11 of 17

    The fabric house Liberty of London is a British institution which is popular more now than ever. They honored the royal arrival with a very stylish graphic.

    Photo Source: LibertyLondon/Twitter

  • Magnum 12 of 17

    I LOVE Magnum Ice Cream (their caramel chocolate mixes are majorly good). So I, for one, am found of their #miniroyal promotion, just for the sweet factor.

    Photo Source: Magnum / Twitter

  • Oasis Fruits 13 of 17

    Yes, the royal baby will be the "apple of their eye," well, according to this Oasis Fruits Twitter pic featuring a green apple Kate, a pear shaped Prince William, and a baby apple, with blue bow of course.

    Photo Source: OasisBeFruits/Twitter

  • Hudson Bay 14 of 17

    The Hudson Bay Company used their iconic colorful stripes to pay homage to the new royal.

    Photo Source: Hudson Bay Company/Twitter

  • Cath Kidston 15 of 17

    The very British house of Cath Kidston created this super adorable twitter pic for the birth of their new royal.

    Photo Source: Cath Kidston/Twitter

  • Lululemon 16 of 17

    Lululemon went with an old school reference. Love it.
    Photo Source: Lululemon/Twitter

  • Walt Disney World! 17 of 17

    And last but not least - Walt Disney World gave this adorable shout out on Facebook.

    Photo Source: Walt Disney World/Facebook

Source: Buzzfeed, Ad Age, Royally Desperate

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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