Rumor Has It Adele is Pregnant! 6 Songs She Can Sing Her Wee One

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Yay, Adele!

Forget about Tom and Katie divorcing (cuz I mean, FREE KATIE, right guys???!!!), ADELE IS PREGNANT!!! OMG I couldn’t be happier for the sad soul singer. So I’ve come up with a few song ideas that should get new mom Adele through all the stages of her first baby’s development:

  • Giving Birth 1 of 6
    Giving Birth
    "And you set fire and caused pain, watched it burn as I saw your face..." (Set Fire to the Rain)
    Photo credit: koadmunkee/Flickr
  • Changing Diapers 2 of 6
    Changing Diapers
    "Rolling in the Peep... I had your butt inside of my hands..." (Rolling in the Deep)
    Photo credit: Mister.Tee/Flickr
  • Teething 3 of 6
    "Never mind I'll find something to chewwwwww..." (Someone Like You)
    Photo credit: Mandajuice/Flickr
  • Crawling 4 of 6
    "Should I give up or should I just keep chasin' babies? Even if it leads nowhere?" (Chasin' Pavements)
    Photo credit: courosa/Flickr
  • Toddler Stage 5 of 6
    Toddler Stage
    "Round my whole house ... meeeeeesssssss is fresh..." (Hometown Glory)
    Photo credit: jrishel/Flickr
  • Potty Training 6 of 6
    Potty Training
    "Rumor has it you're not wearin' diapers no more..." (Rumor Has It)
    Photo credit: Paco Lyptic/Flickr

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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