Rumors Abound: The IttyBiz.com Case Updated

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Naomi Dunford and her accusations of cyberbulling at the hands of another site (The Salty Droid). Since then, I’ve been asked quite repeatedly for updates, but I haven’t updated until now with the rumors that have come out because there is a lack of credibility and much of it is impossible to substantiate.

Of course this is also true of the original post by Ms. Dunford, so it’s only fair that I share the rest of the rumors that have surfaced since the first post.

Immediately following Ms. Dunford’s post, the site The Salty Droid published a scathing post about her that included some pretty horrific and abusive language. He also promised a follow-up post that would “explain it all” and “prove” what he says about Ms. Dunford’s professional behavior.

Eventually he did, and the post includes an alleged lengthy “chat” between Naomi Dunford and Dave Navarro. Nowhere does he offer any information about how he obtained this chat, which primarily consists of Ms. Dunford wanting to sell her site to Mr. Navarro to avoid taxes.

In addition, Dave Navarro has denied an affair with Naomi to the author of The Salty Droid. Again, allegedly.

Ms. Dunford has also written a follow up post including information about Dave Navarro’s family situation, and if the story is true, it’s a doozy. His father is serving time for murdering his mother, his brother (the creator of the Letters to Dave Navarro site) is a fundamentalist Christian that believes his father was in the right to kill his mother because women shouldn’t be allowed to leave their husbands and he has harassed and threatened his brother to stop him from creating a “family legacy” of divorce. Allegedly.

Dave Navarro, on his side, has said nothing but has shut down his site and is taking time off the internet.

The Salty Droid followed up all of this with a post comparing his stats to Naomi while continuing to discredit her.

I’ve also received a few comments and emails suggesting that Ms. Dunford failed to pay her affiliates, but the only reference I can find about that is this.


My opinion about this situation? Well, I find it fascinating that people were willing to discount Naomi Dunford’s unsubstantiated claims of cyberbullying, but are willing to believe as fact The Salty Droid’s unsubstantiated information and “chats.”

I have no opinion on the possible affair, although my heart breaks that Mr. Navarro’s brother has basically attempted and somewhat succeeded in destroying Dave Navarro’s reputation. It goes to show the ways in which social media celebrity is a house of cards.

Lastly, I stand by my words. I believe Naomi Dunford was bullied, because I saw it. Whether or not the death threats existed, there is no doubt that the language used to dismiss and trash her by The Salty Droid was cruel, unnecessary, and seriously reduces his credibility.

In my opinion.

So, as you can see, rumors abound, and little is actually known. I’d like to say this clears things up, but obviously it doesn’t. I find it extremely unlikely that we’ll ever know the whole story.

But I do believe that women will continue to be harassed and bullied on the internet, primarily with attacks about their appearance, their sexual behavior, and their supposed lack of professionalism. I will also likely continue to believe them. Why? Because it happens to me every day. It happens to women I know, every day.

Cyberbullying is real. It’s not “setting the record straight” to attack people because of their appearance, their choices, their kids, or their sexual orientation, their politics, or any number of things that some folks judge to be wrong. We as bloggers are told “don’t feed the trolls” and are told to ignore them and to not respond. But why don’t we ask about the same of the trolls?

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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