Rural Afghan Woman Gives Birth to Sextuplets

afghanistan, multiple sextuplets
The average Afghan woman has six children -- usually not all at once.

When Sara Gul found out she was carrying sextuplets — that’s six! — she tried to end the pregnancy by jumping off a wall. An impoverished 22-year-old, she knew she and her husband could not afford to raise six kids all at once.

Her efforts to abort the fetuses didn’t work and she recently gave birth. Five of the six babies are healthy, one is underweight and still being cared for by neo-natal specialists.

So why did Gul risk getting pregnant with multiples?

According to Reuters, she didn’t; she just got pregnant.

We’re used to mega-multiples being the result of fertility treatments, but such technology doesn’t even exist in Afghanistan. Even if it did, it certainly wouldn’t be available to someone as poor as Gul.

Gul’s 27-year-old husband is worried about the future of his kids. Like others in Afghanistan, the devastation of war means he’s one of the many unemployed. One in four Afghan children will die before turning five years old.

Gul has managed to produce as many children from one pregnancy as the average woman in Afghanistan produces in a lifetime. Hopefully, her odd situation will get her help and support, which she and her husband will no doubt need.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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