Salvatore Vitale Rats Out Luigi Manocchio and Gives Me an Idea in the Process

I'm tellin' ya. It was Joey Bagodonuts.

I’ve noticed something lately with regard to my 3-year-olds. They tattle on each other. And, to be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about it. Usually whatever I’m told is inconsequential and I respond with my standard line: “Don’t worry about him (or her). You just worry about yourself.”

But every now and then, the information I get pertains to a matter I’m glad I found out about. Whenever that happens, I can’t help but to feel conflicted. After all, had the tattler followed my standard line, I wouldn’t have found out about behavior which I’m eager to discourage.

Recently mobster Salvatore Vitale provided authorities with countless leads in a nationwide Mafia sting which led to several arrests, including Luigi Monocchio’s. And in so doing, he gave this father of four an idea pertaining to all this tattling.

NBC (and several other media outlets) reported today that Luigi Manocchio was arrested yesterday in a nationwide sting that busted over 100 northeastern mobsters. Manocchio, who is widely believed to be the former head of New England’s Patriarca crime family, was caught collecting “protection payments” from Fort Lauderdale strip clubs. No one knows how vast Manocchio’s presence in south Florida is, nor is it known how many strip clubs are under the Mafia’s control.

But what is known is that Manocchio along with the strip club’s bookkeeper, Thomas Iafrate, are both charged extortion and extortion conspiracy. Salvatore Vitale is being credited by prosecutors with ratting Manocchio out. Vitale, who was involved with over 11 Mafia hits, is being credited for providing “lead after lead” in the nationwide sting. He received time served for his cooperation.

Which leads me to my idea with regard to my kids. Like the Feds, I just need to stay proactive. I’ll look for only punishable offenses. They’ll be so concerned about those, they’ll no longer come to me with the small stuff.

Never again will you hear me say “Don’t worry about him. You just worry about yourself.” Instead, it’ll be more like:

“So, Kirby, what do you know about ol’ Sammy Bagodonuts? Hmm? Was he involved in this messy apple sauce caper or no?”


“Not talking, I see. Maybe these Dora DVDs will change your mind.”

“Got any Diego?”

“Maybe. Depends on if you got answers.”

“Oh, I got answers.”

“Then I got Diego, sweetheart. Boy, oh boy, do I got Diego.”

BOOM. Info leaked. Sammy busted. Case closed.

Only one problem. Unlike, say, Salvatore Vitale, Kirby’s not in jail. So once Sammy finds out she’s the one who busted him, life could get pretty tough on the outside for her.

Because no one likes a tattletale. Except, maybe a concerned parent.

Assuming the tattletale has something legit, that is.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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