Santa Came Early this Year: 10 Hilariously Awkward Family Christmas Photos

Awkward Family Christmas Photos
Ho Ho No

It’s some kind of a sick and twisted ritual: Get all hyped up about Christmas and then put even extra pressure on yourself and your kin to take the perfect family photo.

The reality, of course, is that unless you’ve been paid by Us Weekly to pose for the cover with your Town & County-worthy tree in your Telluride ski home in front of a roaring fire, chances are, the photo will suck.

It just will.

Thankfully most photos won’t suck as much as these photos from Awkward Family Photos do. They’re just the perfect blend of suck and pee-in-you-pants-OH-MY-GOD-thank-you-this-wasn’t-MY-family. And that’s a seriously meaningful achievement.

Take a look:

  • Season Greetings 1 of 10
    Season Greetings
    Never mind the hideously inappropriate balloon. Is anyone else noticing the BLOOD spattered on the balloon and the wall?
    No, seriously?
  • Reindeer Games 2 of 10
    Reindeer Games
    Homey don't play that.
  • Merry Awkward Christmas 3 of 10
    Merry Awkward Christmas
    Aaaaaand. . . we have a winner.
  • Deck the Halls 4 of 10
    Deck the Halls
    What?! We said "deck," OK?
  • Bad Santa 5 of 10
    Bad Santa
    Really, really bad Santa.
  • The Full Monty 6 of 10
    The Full Monty
    Quite unfortunately.
  • Tin Soldiers 7 of 10
    Tin Soldiers
    Forward march!
  • The Exclusion 8 of 10
    The Exclusion
    Don't think Santa won't hear about this. And that there won't be repercussions.
  • Santastruck 9 of 10
    He likes him better than The Pirates of Penzance.
  • All Lit Up 10 of 10
    All Lit Up
    Parents of the year.

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