Sarah Silverman Encourages Quickie Abortions for All Women (VIDEO)

Sarah Silverman
"Got a quickie aborsh in case R v W gets overturned," said Sarah Silverman yesterday.

Sarah Silverman loves her some abortions. But really, who among us pro-choicers doesn’t?

With the country going haywire with all the insanely invasive and creepy laws declaring when life begins and how women should turn over control of their bodies to varies government agencies, Sarah Silverman did the smart thing and got a quickie abortion. Just yesterday, in fact. You know, just in case. Because as everyone knows, that’s what the pro-choice movement is all about — killing life at every opportunity.

Of course this wasn’t Sarah’s first abortion. She once posted a video taking a walk down her abortion memory lane. It’s very sweet and sentimental. You know, if you also think abortions are fun. Because all pro-choice people do think that, don’t we?

Take a look:

Photo credit: Sarah Silverman on WhoSay

Video credit: Comedy Central

Source: Jezebel

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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